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Fintravel Kemijärvi office is open weekdays Monday-Thursday at 10-15. We will be open also earlier or later than that by request.  Please contact us tel +358-(0)40-344 7777+358-(0)40-344 7777 or email:

Fintravel is a travel agency that organizes custom-made packages in Finland and abroad. We also make short day-trip tours around East Lapland and special trips to nearby concerts, festivals, locations and happenings.

Groups from Kemijärvi

We always travel with the local bus companies and by train. Aeroplane tickets will be reserved beforehand by group’s choice of traveling destination. Tour leader will be included in most of the trips. You can make reservations through email, by phone or visit our office in Vapaudenkatu 4, in Hotel Kemijärvi real estate.

Daytrips to East Lapland

Get to know Kemijärvi, Pelkosenniemi, Salla and Savukoski with an experienced tour guide. See sights such as war history locations, get to know the history behind them in museums, view local handicrafts in special stores, and visit a local farm. We've got lots of Eastern Lappish guides that acquire special know-how.

Special packages

We will grant your wish, whatever it is that your heart desires. Custom-made packages to musical events, cultural events and places, conferences… Trips for families, special groups, firms…

Eight seasons

One unique fact is that there are eight different seasons in Kemijärvi. One can see the seasonal changes reflected in the trees, animals, and even the shadows. You can feel it lingering on your skin, smell its scent and hear its echoes by the lakeside.

One can even listen to nature changing its seasonal cloak, with the cuckoo bird singing, curlew crying quietly in the distance, the whooper swans clap their wings, and so much more.

Eurasian cranes flying in the sky indicates whether its spring-summer, summer or summer-autumn.

The midnight sun blazes as you walk towards the north. If one wishes to have a great view of such phenomenon, the best locations to see the sun are Patovaara, Perävaara and Kostamovaara. The mentioned locations are forested hills that surround Kemijärvi.

As the leaves start to change colour from green to vibrant warm shades of red and yellow, nature tells us we have reached ruska.

Autumn is a good time to head towards the vast forests full of ripe berries and big mushrooms just waiting to be picked.

Winter starts off as dark, bleak and cold, but slowly changes into bright and sunny days during spring time. Only the people who live in Lapland can see and feel the change of eight seasons.

Taivaan Tulet

The town of Kemijärvi became well-known in Finland thanks to the famous drama television series Taivaan Tulet.

Taivaan Tulet locations bus tour will take its travellers to the famous film sites. The visitors will get to see the locations up close while the tour guide tells about plot twists, the history of Kemijärvi and travel-related services.


Entrepreneur, tourism service designer Päivi Kostamo.

Porvoo Matkailuopisto. Iteronom, Tourism and Travel Services Management 1990. Program of Storytelling University of Lapland 2010. Work Experience: Marketing assistant and product developer in Savonlinna, Saariselkä and Vuotso. Travel guide in London, Turkey, Maarianhamina and Kemijärvi. Travel leader to Paris, Amsterdam and Edinburgh.

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